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Heated Vest Classic Navy Blue

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Our light-weighted Heated Vest got you covered during the cold weather. No matter what your outdoor activity is (work around the house, hiking, going fishing or riding a motorcycle), you will stay flexible in our Vest. No more extra layers of clothing. Wear it on top of your t-shirt or under the jacket for extreme weather conditions. You will stay warm for hours. 


Material: Cotton, Polyester fiber, Carbon fiber wire

Battery: Works with 5V 2A mobile power

Color: Navy Blue

  • Three temperature heating options
  1. Low at 25°C
  2. Medium at 35-40°C
  3. High at 45°C
  • One button control
  • Two heating zones
  1. the whole back area
  2. neck area
  • Easy to use
  • Great for traveling
  • Great for outdoor work
  • Maschine washable 

Please note our Sizing Chart and consider sizing up. Measure yourself properly. All sizes are unisex. Maschine washable at 30°C. Do not hang dry. Contact us if you need any additional help. The power bank is not included.